EV Cleaning System

Superyacht Rubbish is proud to be the exclusive Superyacht distributor for the EV-3000i a revolutionary, compact domestic steam device.

Using only water, the device heats up to 170-degree c and 7 bar of pressure. The device also includes a number of interchangeable modular cleaning heads. This allows for environmentally cleaning to be taken place on all non-delicate items on board, areas perfect for the device include:

  • Interior – Galleys, Tender Bays, Tenders and Toys
  • Exterior – Deck Furniture, glass, outdoor furniture, stainless steel, carbon fibre, teak decking & gangways etc..
  • Engine Rooms – Walls, control rooms, walkways, ipx65/68 products.


User reviews

We have used the month for now approaching 2 months and I have to admit that the advantage of having this machine onboard is there. The wooden floors, resin and glass. Another thing worth to note is you can easily pull the machine around with you and not scratch the boat! Will be recommending this to other yacht-owners.

Purser – 100M Private M/Y

Implementing the steamer David introduced to us on our yachts proved to be a great choice. Just a fantastic machine in all areas of the yacht. The galley, the deck, cabins and the toys. It saves our crew ample time. 100% Recommend.

Captain – 43M Private S/Y

Good morning, I just wanted to send you a couple of words regarding the EV3000i machine. We have been used the machine for the last month and a half and I have to admit that is really an advantage to have it onboard for interior, deck and galley. The machine is extremely useful for quick and effective polishing of many of the surfaces/material: stainless steel, glasses, mirrors. We have also used the machine for the wood floors (EV1) to give a quick clean. All the curtains have been refreshed with the extension spare part. We had also great results on deck stainless steel, teak and in the galley (ovens, sinks and pans). With the power of the steams it allows the job to be done quickly and without too much physical effort. User friendly, very light can be easily pulled around the boat with no scratches. Thank you for introducing us to such an amazing machine !

Chief Stewardess – 46m MY

EV 3000i Windless / stainless deck furniture cleaning exterior video

Unlimited Autonomy

team cleaners with this feature have two water chambers:

  • a pressurized steam boiler;
  • a non-pressurized water tank.

That allows the operator to add water into the unit while it’s still running. EV 3000i unlimited autonomy steam cleaner is equipped with an electronic level sensor that refills the boiler when the level of the water inside is not enough. As a result, the unit avoids drops in pressure and temperature during the use.

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Elimination of odours and germs
Safe storage and transportation on the vessel
Benefits to the environment
Protection for crew and passengers

Advanced Technology

When cleaning certain specific places, sometimes it is necessary to use water along with steam. Most dry steam cleaners take this water directly from the boiler because they do not have the technology to extract the water from the water tank.

This means that when the water from the boiler decreases, the temperature drops very quickly and then using steam becomes impossible after 40-50 seconds. In this case, you shall stop the operation, wait for a few minutes until the temperature in the boiler goes up again and reaches the necessary pressure.

The EV 3000i has an additional water pump for this function when the water ejection is needed.

The water is pumped from the non-pressurized tank and mixes with the steam. Thus, the steam quality, the pressure and the temperature remain unchanged even after 5-10 minutes of operation with this function.

EV 3000i - Interior Glass cleaning

Steam and hot water ejection

Тhe operating pressure of the EV 3000i is 7 bars (101.6 Psi).

This means that the unit maintains this pressure without any fluctuation for two or three minutes of continuous* operation.

The pressure then decreases but is maintained between 4 bars (58 Psi) and 5 bars (72.5 Psi) as indicated in the graphic.

*Continuous operation – when constantly pressing on the steam trigger

Steam Ejection

EV 3000i ejects 110 g (3.9 oz) steam per minute comparing to others that have maximum 75 g (2.6 oz) steam per minute, even through they claim to have higher starting pressure. The EV 3000i has a very strong steam power, because of the capacity of its boiler.

Steam Dome - Dry Steam, Blue Steam

Steam quality depends of the proper water / steam ratio in the boiler. The water probe is designed to provide the best steam quality.

Steam classification
Steam itself is formed by heating water above 100 °C (212 °F). While using it for cleaning, however, a distinction shall be made between the different types of steam and the respective amount of humidity that they contain.

• From 100 °C (212 °F) to 130 °C (266 °F) – gray steam or steam with high humidity content (up to 80%)
• From 130 °C (266 °F) to 150 °C (302 °F) – white steam or steam with a predominant humidity content (between 50% and 20%)
• From 150 °C (302 °F) to 170 °C (340 °F) – blue steam (or dry steam) with a minimum humidity content (≤ 5%).

EV 3000i - Exterior Stainless Cleaning Steel Support post


  • Garbage smell has been eradicated. This is a massive advantage.
  • Bin leakage is reduced to nearly nothing. We have had couple of bags puncture and leak but this is rare.
  • Reduction in garbage quantity. Under normal circumstances we would have to empty the bin every day. In a normal charter scenario that is averaging every 3 days sometimes 4 days. It's amazing what a black bin liner can compressed down to.
  • We haven’t just used it for garbage. Due to storage constraints we have been able to vacuum pack personal clothes, uniform, bedding etc.

Chief Officer
92m M.Y – MY Lionheart