Glass Crusher

The World’s most efficient glass crush system


Tested and in production the GLSand is a specialty glass reduction machine designed with bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs hotels, resorts and holiday home owners in mind located in areas where recycling is either costly or does not exist. The simplicity of the GLSand is an astounding feature. The operator simply ensures the bucket is not full and is inserted correctly, switches the machine on and feeds individual bottles through the rubber safety flap on the shoot. The precision cut hammers each individually balanced take care of the rest, reducing glass bottles from their full state to a fine sand or grit in a matter of seconds.

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Elimination of odours and germs

Safe storage and transportation on the vessel

Benefits to the environment
Protection for crew and passengers

The In Bin Glass Crusher system

Options and Accessories

The Oppressor GLS is a compact glass bottle crusher that reduces bottles in volume by 10:1 to a sand like product. The machine is best suited for areas with inefficient or non existing glass recycling systems.

This product is a revelation.

  • Lower Collection Costs
  • Simple and Convenient to use
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Reduced Site Waste Storage
  • Increased Waste Storage Flexibility
  • Less Waste Contamination
  • Less Collection Noise
  • Operates Directly Into The Wheelie Bin, Maximising Ease Of Use And Operator Convenience

Economic waste disposal by optimizing space

Empty glass bottles consist of mainly of air, therefore hospitality venues are predominantly paying to have air removed from their premises, rather than actual glass. Empty bottles take up space, which means that sites either have large number of bins collected weekly, or if space is limited, fewer bins are collected more frequently; either way it is expensive.

Disposing of empty glass bottles is inconvenient, costly and inefficient! By smashing these bottles into cullet glass saves money and much more!

More Features

Easy to use

Enviromental Awareness

Award Winning Innovation

Product Specifications

  • 90% volume reduction - Safe to handle sand bi-product
  • Simple quiet & safe operation
  • Crush time of 3-5 seconds per bottle
  • 20L bucket capacity 160 beer bottles or 60 wine & spirit bottles
  • Single phase 220-240V power supply - 3 phase on request
  • 65-90db noise
  • Marine spec stainless housing available by special order
  • Dimmensions 1346H x 581W x 482D at 90kg (Ships at 0.25 cubic metres
  • Consumables Screen approx 20,000 bottles
  • Consumables hammers approx 50,000 bottles

Expleco Oppressor GLS Sand Glass Bottle Crusher